Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Buggy Sensory Tub Take 2

I changed up our bug sensory tub this year. It basically has most of the same components but change up some things and it looks completely different. I have been trying to figure out how to change up our sensory tubs from last year so that they are a little different. Some of them have not been too easy to change up, especially since I have all the items already. I like our new bug bin and Belle dug into it right away.

What’s inside:
Black Beans
Green Beads
Green Pom Poms
Fake Flowers
Lady Bug Erasers
Butterfly Erasers
Fake Ants
Bug Toob
Butterfly Cookie Cutter
Bug Net
Magnifying Glass (2)
Green Silicone Cups
This is our 4th time using the black beans as a base. I think the beans with this bin give it a completely different look from last years. It gives it a more outdoors type of look.
I used our fake ants again, but they blend right into the black beans, Belle had a tough time finding them when she was pulling out all the bugs.

I decided to keep the bright pink flowers we used last year because it brightens it up a little and gives it a spring look.

Belle grabbed the magnifying glass right away and checked out each bug. Then she picked out each one, including all our little ants, and put them in the net. Once she had them all she inspected them all under the magnifying glass again. We couldn’t play long with it as it was bedtime, but Belle likes this one already.

Belle’s eww bugs face.
Here is last year’s bug sensory tub if you want to check it out and compare.

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