Monday, April 2, 2012

Bug Sensory Tub

This week and next week we are going to learn about all those tiny creatures that drive us nuts...bugs. Over the weekend I put together a new sensory tub for Belle. The weather tub wasn't exactly a favorite of Belle's. She played in and liked it enough but nothing something she loved like the zoo and dinosaur tubs. I was hoping for better results with our Bug tub.

Whats inside:
Rice I dyed green for the base
Plastic Bugs: 2 large ants, lady bug, 2 praying mantis, caterpillar, centipede, dragonfly, bee, a grasshopper, and 2 butterflies
Tiny plastic ants
Butterfly cookie cutter
Lady Bug erasers
1 Butterfly Eraser
2 different shades a green beads
Green pom poms
Silk flowers and leaves
Bug net
Magnifying glass
2 Blue silicone cups
and her spoons

Belle seems to enjoy it enough. She was a little resistent at first. She kept saying ewe mommy. Yucky. I don't blame her some of those bugs are gross. The tube of bugs that I picked up I couldn't even use all of them. Some of them were too gross for me. Like the cockroach. Way too gross.

Belle is getting better with the bugs and really likes playing in the rice. She likes burying her hands in it and also digging in it to find the ladybug erasers.

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