Sunday, April 1, 2012

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb...

To end our week learning about weather, we made sun suncatchers. I thought since we started with rain we should end with some sun.

This is basically just like our rain drop suncatchers. I cut out a sun shape from some contact paper and pulled out some already torn orange and yellow tissue paper.

Belle placed the tissue paper onto the contact paper. I helped to make sure that the contact paper was completely covered.

After we were done placing our tissue paper I covered our sun with another piece of contact paper. I then trimmed the sun out and any excess tissue paper. When our sun was cut out Belle stuck on the eyes and I drew on a mouth with black marker.

What better place for our sun then in the window. It is in the window next to our rainbow. Our window is actually full with some fun weather items that Belle made.

We have our raindrop, rainbow, and now our sun.

We also made lamb's to go on the closet door next to our lions. I don't have any pictures of us making them. The lions are from our zoo unit in the beginning of March, but I thought we could keep them and make lambs to go with the saying March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Well, not here this year. March came in like a lamb even bringing us 80* weather for about two weeks. Then it cold. Real cold. And brought snow on Friday. Enough snow that it stuck and everything was white. It cleared up and now it's just cold and rainy.

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