Thursday, March 29, 2012


After rain, the sun comes out and makes rainbows. When we were done making our rainy day umbrella pictures we decided to make a rainbow for when the rain clears. I knew we were going to make a rainbow at some point but not sure what I was going to do. I knew we wouldn’t be able to paint a rainbow, who knows how that would have come out.

Instead I cut half circles from sheets of construction paper. Each half circle getting smaller as we go through the rainbow.

Belle used a glue stick and glued each half circle on top of each other. It worked great. Belle was able to tell me all of her colors when I pulled out the papers. She used our big rainbow on the wall as her guide and was able to tell me what color came next and picked it out of the pile.

When our rainbow was complete I layed a line of glue on the bottom of the rainbow and Belle placed cotton balls for some clouds.

And proof that painting a rainbow wouldn't have worked out. Belle wanted to paint when we were done so I pulled out our water colors and a sheet of white paper. I told her just to use the colors from our rainbow. It's not a great picture of the painting, but you can see there is brown in her painting and later black was added.

Here is the finished rainbow I made for the playroom. I made clouds for the bottom of the rainbow by cutting out a cloud shape from tag board and gluing pulled cotton balls onto it. I let it dry over night and hung it up with some tack.

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