Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back to Urgent Care

It has been crazy around here the last few days. The Hubs was volunteering his life to the telethon since last week Wednesday. He did not come home until Monday afternoon. So from Thursday morning to Monday it was just Belle and I. Minus the quick trip to the pediatric urgent care…again.

Belle dislocated her elbow again. This time at school. And no one really knows how she did it. It just happened. She was on her cot, sitting on her knees with her arms in front of her. Her teacher turned to get her blanket and Minnie Mouse from her cubby and the next thing she knows is Belle is laying face down on her cot, both arms about her head, crying.

It was a really bad day at work for me to leave. My supervisor (who is our back up) is on vacation, one of the girls in my group went home early, and I was training our new girl. Yeah, wasn’t going to happen. I did manage to get out a tad bit early and The Hubs met Belle and I home and off to urgent care we went. Since we already knew what it was from the last time there were no x-rays. The doctor came in popped it back it and within 15 minutes we were on our way. Loaded up with a new stuffed animal for Belle, animal crackers and juice. Once home we put Belle right to bed since she barely napped at school and The Hubs was on his way back to the telethon. Sadly this all happened on the night that they were holding a gala for all past and present chairs and co-chairs of the telethon. The Hubs is a co-chair, and in actuality since he is in the Transportation department he would have gone to the gala anyways. But he missed it so he could go to urgent care with Belle and I. Instead of a 6 course dinner at a black tie gala, we ate McDonalds and he ran out the door to get back to the office instead.

Belle was fine by the time we walked out of urgent care and she has been fine since. She has begun to tell us that her arm hurts at opportune moments for her. Like getting her coat on and out the door. But no actual incidents yet. Hopefully this is last time. The nurse said it is very common for toddlers to get this but they grow out of it between two and three.

On Saturday it was just Belle and I. Our beautiful weather realized that its only March and disappeared rather quickly. It was raining and pretty gloomy and chilly out. I figured it was the perfect day to make our rainy day umbrella picture. I didn’t know how easy it would be for Belle, but it turned out to be a piece of cake.

Supplies: white construction paper, cupcake liners cut in half, pipe cleaners,
cotton balls, blue glitter, glue.

Beforehand I took the cupcake wrappers and cut them in half to be used as our umbrellas. I originally planned to use three but they ended up being bigger than I had thought so we could only fit 2 on our paper. I also cut pipe cleaners and bended them to resemble umbrella handles.

To start I poured white glue onto our construction paper and gave Belle a sponge paintbrush and had her spread it to cover the paper. When we were done with that Belle sprinkled blue glitter onto the glue to resemble rain.

After our rain was down we had to work on our clouds. I pulled out some cotton balls and showed Belle how to spread them out so they looked more like clouds. She had a rough time with this. She pulled on them and either pulled off little pieces of cotton or nothing really happened. Instead I had Belle glue them down while I pulled them.

Since our cupcake wrappers were to big I told Belle to pick out two. She decided on one red and one black. I wanted to use pastel colors but I could not find my cupcake wrappers anywhere. All I could find were the left over ones from Belle’s first birthday. Which are red and black gingham. Anyways Belle put glue on the backs of the wrappers and we glued them down onto of our glittered construction paper. I cut red and white pipe cleaners originally, 2 red and 2 white. I asked Belle which colors she wanted and decided on both white. I glued these on for her since they were a little tricky to get small dots of glue on them and they needed to be glued under our wrappers.

Belle had fun with this one. I had her use the cotton balls in a different way then she is used to and she got to sprinkle the glitter by herself.


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