Friday, March 23, 2012

Raindrop Suncatcher

Our first weather craft was to make a raindrop suncatcher. This is super easy to do and Belle was able to do this with minimal help from me. Before hand I cut a raindrop shape from blue constructions paper. I then cut the middle out leaving just a border.

We took our contact paper and pressed our raindrop border onto it. After our raindrop was fully stuck to the contact paper we began to fill in the raindrop with our tissue paper.

Belle did well with this part. She had some problems when the tissue paper would get stuck to the extra contact paper. After a while I think she got aggrivated with it. She got up from the table and said "Mommy finish it." She did a good job with filling in the middle there were only a few spots open and I filled in all the tiny little spaces that were left.

This proved to not be easy to photograph at all. I tried in the evening and I tried in the late afternoon. Neither time was I really pleased with how the picture came out. We hung our raindrop in the window to let the sun shine through it. I was going to take the screen off the window and hang it right in the window but with the really nice weather I didn't want to take it out and then not be able to open the window.

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