Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Raining in Our Playroom!

With St. Patrick's Day over our shamrocks need to come down, or in actuality they were telling us it was time to come down as half of them had fallen down. On Saturday morning Belle and I made raindrops to hang from the ceiling to welcome in spring. You know April showers bring in May flowers and all that fun stuff.

Since we got a Keurig a couple weekends ago I figured this would be a good craft to use up the last of our coffee filters. Belle and I took the coffee filters and colored them with markers. While we were working on them my mom stopped over with my nephew and he made one with Belle.

When we were done coloring them we took them outside and sprayed them with water and let the colors spread. After we sprayed them I left them in the sun to dry. The dried within 10 minutes. While Belle was napping I cut them into a raindrop shape. Or I tried, some of them are a little lopsided.

Belle wanted to go for a walk while they dried.

I didn't get a chance to hang up the raindrops until Sunday night and I took pictures of them Monday evening after I got home from work. They are not the easiest to photograph that's for sure!

Also while she napped on Saturday I painted a rainbow on easel paper for her wall above her artwork. We took down our dinosaur prints and I thought we needed something to replace them. I figured the rainbow was perfect to go with our weather theme and will look nice all through spring. Yes it is a little crooked, in this picture, I promise it has been fixed.

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