Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Growing Caterpillar

To get the playroom into the bug theme Belle and I made a caterpillar for the wall on Sunday. In the morning we sat down and started painting some paper plates with watercolors. We took a short break to eat some yummy pancakes The Hubs made and then Belle and I were back in the playroom to finish painting our plates.

After Belle went to bed on Sunday night I sat down and taped pipe cleaners to some of the plates. Purple ones for the antenna with purple pom poms glued to the top. Eyes and a month were also added for the face. I cut and bent green pipe cleaners for the feet and attached them to 4 of the plates. Can you tell which ones I painted and which ones Belle painted?

I think he came out pretty cute.

We also made mini caterpillars out of clothespins. These were very quick to make so we we made three of them. Each clothespin used 4 medium sized pom poms to cover it. I had Belle pick out which four colors she wanted for her caterpillar. I layed a line of glue onto the clothespin and Belle placed each pom pom onto the glue. Once they were dried we added googly eyes and placed the three of them around the playroom. Can you spot each one?

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