Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peter Cottontail

Belle and I made our first Easter craft last week. I am having a hard time finding some cute ones that I know she will be able to do with minimal help from me and don’t all look the same. How many bunny heads can we really make out of paper plates? Well we made one. And that’s all I am allowing.

This one was simple and the only Easter craft that I found that I liked and new Belle would be able to do it. Before we started I took one of the plates and cut it in half for the ears. I also cut a circle from pink construction paper and cut that in half as well.

We started by gluing the pink half circles on to the plate halves to make our bunny’s ears. Then we moved on to our bunny’s face. Belle stuck the eyes on, glued on his nose and glued on the cotton balls to make our bunny’s cheeks. I drew on his mouth and glued the ears on. The ears wouldn’t stick well since the plates are rounded so I used clothespins to hold the ears on until the glue dried. When it was finished I thought our bunny needed a bowtie so I cut one out and glued it on to him.

Cute, simple, and really quick craft.

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