Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buzzing Around our Playroom

To start off our 2 weeks of creepy crawly fun we made some cute butterflies and an adorable little bee. I do not have pictures of Belle and I making these bugs, but have the finished product. We started with our adorable little bee. He was easier than I thought he was going to be.
We used a toilet paper roll as our bee’s body. I had precut a yellow rectangle to fit and wrap around the tube, along with a yellow circle for the head, black stripes, black antenna, and white wings. Belle used a glue stick to spread glue on the back of the yellow rectangle and then wrapped it around the tube. We then wrapped our black stripes around the body as well. While we were waiting for our stripes to dry we worked on our bee’s face. We glued on the antenna to the top of our yellow circle and added some googly eyes. Belle then drew on a nose, cheeks, and a smile with black marker. When she was done with the face we glued that to the front of our bee’s body. Once the face was on we glued our wings to the back of the tube. As I am writing about this I realized we never made a little stinger for our bee. We will have to add one.


After our bee we made some butterflies. We were only going to make one but Belle really likes the way we made them and asked to make a bunch. We made our butterflies wings the same way we made our rain drops. We colored coffee filters with some bright colored makers. When Belle was done coloring we sprayed the coffee filters with water and let them dry. Once dry we took some pipe cleaners and twisted them around the middle of our coffee filters and twisted the ends of the pipe cleaners into antennas.

I originally wanted to hang our butterflies in our window. I thought the wings would look nice and spring like with the sun shining on them, only they kept falling off the windows. They ended up on the wall next to the window. I do like them there as it gives the blank wall a little something. Our butterflies, fun sun, and rain drops are making our playroom very bright and spring like. Now if the weather would just stay warm enough.

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