Monday, April 8, 2013

What Can the Weather, the Weather, the Weather Be?

I spent all of last week sick. And when you’re pregnant and you get sick, you are pretty much out of luck and have to suffer through. I still have a horrible sore throat and an endless cough. I caught whatever The Hubs had, or in reality still pretty much has. He still has the cough and sore throat, and he’s going on about 3 weeks now. Fun.

Last week we we’re supposed to focus on weather only I could barely get out of bed on Monday and took me until Thursday to feel like doing anything. We managed to get some of our crafts in and over the past weekend we took down our Easter eggs and made the playroom a little more spring like. I had some science experiments planned but we never got to do them. Bummer, maybe in the summer we can revisit some of them.
I did manage to switch over our sensory tub from Easter to weather. It’s exactly the same as last year. You can check it out here. Belle played with it once this year. I asked her a few times if she wanted to play in it, but had no interest so I didn’t push it. We might skip the weather sensory tub next year and do something else.
To start out some of the art work we managed to get done we made a sun to hang from our ceiling. The week before, Belle and I sat down and ripped pieces of orange and yellow construction paper. I also added some yellow and orange tissue paper that we already had ripped up. Belle glued the pieces onto the back of a paper plate. While it was dry I took strips of yellow and orange construction paper that I had already cut, folded them in half without pressing down on the crease and stapled the ends together. When the plate was dry Belle glued on our sun rays in an orange and yellow pattern. She is getting really good and patterning. Our happy bright sun is hanging from our ceiling with our rain drops. I will post about our spring decor later.


The next art we worked on was a cloud and rainbow. I previously cut out a cloud shape from white construction paper as well as strips of construction paper in rainbow colors. To start Belle squeezed out glue onto our cloud and then filled the cloud in with cotton balls. Once dry (we let it dry overnight) Belle glued on our rainbow strips at the bottom of the cloud. When gluing them on I asked her what color came next in the rainbow, I was shocked that she got them right, especially since we didn’t have any rainbow pictures hung up in the playroom at this point. We decided to hang our cloud and rainbow on our closet door. It was time for our apple tree from September to come down anyways.


One activity I was able to make before I got sick was a weather board. Super easy and Belle loves it. I took the cookie sheet that I had picked up for our trip down to Disney to use as our board. I pulled out some of our letter magnets to spell Weather. To make our weather icons I cut them from foam and stuck magnets to the back of them. I made a smiley sun, some wind, rain drops, clouds, and a snowflake since it was still snowing when I made the board. Don’t judge the misshaped snowflake and clouds. I free handed everything. Every day Belle loves looking out our window and figuring out what the weather is and placing the correct icon onto our board. This will most likely stick around for a while.

At this point we had a nice bright sun and a rainbow, but no rain art to hang up. So we got to work on an umbrella with some raindrops. We ended up making two umbrellas and raindrop crafts but one took five minutes and Belle wanted to do it. To start with this one we painted a paper plate that I cut in half and scalloped. Belle chose to paint the plate purple. Shocker since it is her favorite color.
Once dry we glued on our umbrella handle and then got to work on our rain drops. I took some thread and had Belle tape it to the back of the plate. I couldn’t really decide how to attach the raindrops to the thread. I finally decided to just tape the raindrops to the thread. I cut small pieces of tape and had Belle tape the raindrops onto the thread. She did really well with this. This was Belle’s first time working with tape so it took a bit for her to get the hang of it sticking to her but once she got it we moved right along. I had to hold the thread flat for her so I did not get any pictures of this part. I think it came out pretty cute.

When we focus on our weather week it’s filled with a lot of suns, rain, and rainbows. I wanted to do something else with clouds but not the typical cotton ball cloud that we had already done and did last year. I decided on painting clouds with a bath loufa. At first I was just doing to use white paint but then decided to do puffy paint with shaving cream and blue paint mixed. We ended up using more of just plain shaving cream. I am not sure if we should have stuck with just white paint or not but Belle had fun stamping the loufa all over the paper to make clouds with the shaving cream. I posted an up close picture below so you can get an idea of what it looked like once dry.


Our last art work was the second umbrella and raindrop activity. I had cut out umbrella pieces from construction paper beforehand. We were originally going to just do this one then I added in the one from above. We started by gluing our umbrella pieces to white construction paper. Then Belle used a blue stamp pad to make raindrops with her fingers. Literally it took less than 5 minutes but Belle loves using the stamp pads.

Sorry for the extremely long post but I wanted to post about everything we did get to do, sadly we fit everything in in about 3 days. We now are moving on to learn all about those tiny little creatures that are starting to come out with the start of spring, Bugs. I have a new sensory tub that will be up tomorrow and tons of cute little bug friends we will be making over the next two weeks.

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