Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weather Sensory Tub

The next couple of weeks we are going to concentrate on weather. Well minus the snow since we did snow and ice in January. We will mostly focus on rain and the sun. Lots of spring weather. Which works since it was in the 70's here this past weekend.

To start off our weather theme I made a new sensory tub. I am not going to lie this one was a pain in the butt. I fell in love with this weather one from Counting Coconuts and knew I had to do it at some point. I used aquarium rock for the base. Well I wanted to clean it off before I let Belle play in it. It took FOREVER for the rocks to dry. Even after sitting outside in the warm sun all day on Saturday. I ended up taking me hair dryer to the rocks Saturday night.

I used two small bags of aquarium rocks that filled the bottom of our tub.

What is inside:
Mixed blues aquarium rocks which is the sky.
Cotton balls for the clouds
A felt sun (Belle takes this out every time she plays with it)
Blue glass (rain)
White pom poms and silver pom poms (snow)
Silver pipe cleaners (lighting bolts)
Rainbow earasers

Everything I had at home minus the aquarium rocks and the pipe cleaners and silver pom poms. Once I had the aquarium rock dried it was easy to put together.

I also found cute silicone cups at Hobby Lobby that I was going to use for a different tub but needed something for her to scoop things in so I put two in the tub.

Belle once again found it first thing in the morning and couldn't wait to dig into it. The first thing she did (besides throw the sun out of the tub) was to seperate our rain drops into the pink flower cups. Our bew sensory tub is a great start to all of our weather fun!

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