Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer? It's March!

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful here. It was in the 70's all weekend and lots of sun. We pulled out shorts and flip flops. Belle and I sported hot pink toes and we spent every minute we could soaking in the sun.

It's March, we live in Buffalo. 70* does not happen in March here. Ever. On Saturday we went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in our town. It's small and normally less crowded then the one downtown. And well, less drunks. Last year there was barely anyone there. It wasn't a bad day, but it was cold so the parade was short. This year we arrived a half hour before the parade started and had a hard time getting a good spot. So we sat in the sun. By the end of the parade my poor girl had pink cheeks. How does this happen in March??? Quickly we had people on both sides of us and more coming. It honestly looked like the 4th of July parade.

The parade was nice. Short. And loud. Belle started off the parade happy and in our laps enjoying everything around her...

Then the reenactors came and were shooting guns. They were loud and became even louder when they were practically in front of us.

Belle watched the rest of the parade like this, in her stroller.

She did get out at the end so she could hug the character that was walking around. The kids next to us kept calling him Sonic. Not sure if he was since he was promoting the local Ice Cream place here. But umm good sign for Disney right? Belle wanted to give him a hug. She was a little scared but let him give her a hug with no tears, no screaming, and no sulking into daddy. Yay!!

After the parade we went for ice cream to Dairy Queen since the local place was packed and only takes cash and neither of us had cash on us.  After our ice cream we came home and played in the backyard and went for one our daily summer walks. I am loving this wonderful weather so early in the year. Normally we still have a good two months before we see any 70* weather. I hope it's here to stay. I can't wait to get our back yard put together for Belle. She is a very spoiled girl and is going to have so much fun in her backyard this year.

Speaking of which, we need to get her a new pool this year. She out grew her baby pool last summer. Any suggestions? We aren't sure what we want to get her.

For the last half of this week and all of the weekend it will be just Belle and I. This weekend is the telethon for our local women and children's hospital. My family has been volunteering for years and naturally when The Hubs and I met he was recruited. My father was chairman of the transportaion department, when he passed my brother and The Hubs became co chairs. So he will be there starting Wednesday night and we will not see him again to probably Saturday night or Sunday morning. Belle and I will not go to the hotel until Saturday night and will spend the day at the telethon. I wanted to get Monday off but my supervisor (the person who covers my desk) will be in Disney. So Belle and I will come home Sunday evening and I will go to work on Monday. Boo. But I am hoping to get off next Thursday so I can take Belle for her Easter and 2 1/2 year pictures.

Anyways, it will just be Belle and I for both swimming and gymnastics this week. I am hoping the weather stays nice so we can spend most of our time in the backyard and soaking in this beautiful sun.

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