Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Making a Zoo!

Last week we started on our zoo unit. With Belle not feeling well and all of our St. Patrick’s Day fun I am just able to start posting about all the different animals we have been making during art time.
We started with our tiger friend. Beforehand I had cut out all the pieces we would need. I cut out his head, paws, ears, muzzle, whiskers, stripes, and nose.
Belle pretty much decided what we should do with the tiger. I had her start with the muzzle and from there Belle took it over. She decided where everything needed to go. And I love that she can draw the mouths onto our animal friends now. He came out pretty cute. All that I helped with was the gluing of the eyes. I had bought the eyes that were sticky but can no longer find them. Only ones that we have to glue on which are a pain. I would rather have the sticky ones.
When I was putting the tacky stuff on the back of our tiger to hang him up she told me she wanted to hang him. I told her he has to go on the closet door because we had no more room on our art wall. The first picture is straight on how she hung him up. The second I turned the camera she you could see what he looks like straight.

Our next fun animal was a Zebra. Belle really liked this one too. We talked about what colors zebras are what they look like while making our friend. Again beforehand I cut and put all of our materials together. I cut a long rectangle from white construction paper, a muzzle from white construction paper in the shape of an oval, ears, his hair, and some black stripes.

Belle started by gluing on the muzzle and then decided on doing the ears before our zebra’s hair. Her favorite thing is to do the eyes from some reason so eyes were next. Belle then went to town gluing on her stripes. I had cut them originally to come from each side of the rectangle not thinking Belle was going to put them where ever she wanted. I should have just made strips of black.  

Belle wanted to do the nose and mouth. Cute nose huh? We chose to hang him in our window since our windows are bare of art work right now. 
Over the weekend I switched out our St. Patrick’s Day sensory tub to our zoo tub. It is basically the same as last years. Take a peek at it.

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