Thursday, March 21, 2013

Zoo Sponge Painting

I had picked up those little capsules that you put into water and become a shaped sponge from the dollar bins at Target. They happened to have zoo animals so for a little science experiment we used these.
We filled two bowls with warm water and started with one capsule per bowl. We eventually added up to 3 in each bowl after determining they took a few minutes to open.

Belle loved watching to see what would happen. We made guesses as to what animal each capsule would be.

After they all opened and had dried we used our new sponges for some art work. We have pads of “giant” paper that got tucked away and forgotten about until recently. I tore out a piece of paper and had Belle pick what color paints she wanted. She chose purple, blue, and orange.
We used our new sponges to make a zoo print. We made about 2 prints with each animal. Belle had fun sponge painting and being able to make a mess!

We are having a lot of fun with our zoo animals and will be finishing up the last of them today! Tons of animals to talk about tomorrow!

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