Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lions, and Peacocks, and Hippos?

To finish off our zoo animals we made a lion, a peacock, and a hippo. Belle wanted to add an elephant and a giraffe into all of our animals but we just ran out of time.
Our lion was fun to make. We took a paper plate and painted the middle yellow and the outside orange. When he was dry we glued on some spiral noodles to make our lions mane. I had some colored rotini noodles that were about to expire so I pulled out the yellow and orange colors. 

We had to leave the noodles to dry overnight. They were a little hard to get to stick right away because they kept rolling down the rim but with enough glue they stuck. After the noodles were dry we added his nose and eyes and Belle drew on his mouth and some cheeks.

Our peacock came out really cute. I am glad we made him and easy and different from our usual art work. We started by coloring a coffee filter with different shades of green and blue markers. When Belle was finished coloring we sprayed the coffee filter with water and let it dry. Once it was dry we took some dark blue paint and made thumb prints around the coffee filter. We again set it aside to dry.

When it was dry again we glued on our peacock shape that I had cut from light blue construction paper. I should have made it smaller. It was a little too big for the size of the coffee filter. We added some feet, a beak and some eyes. I think he came out pretty cute. 
About a month ago while at Michael’s I had spotted a vinyl hippo bank. For $3 I picked it up and put it away for a rainy day activity. While going through our supplies I found it again and thought it would be perfect to go with our zoo.

I gave Belle some paints, and she picked what colors she wanted and went to town painting her hippo bank.

Next week we will leave our zoo and have some Easter fun!

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