Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Sensory Tub

I was excited to put together an Easter sensory tub for Belle this year. It didn’t work out to make one last year since we didn’t dedicate a week to Easter like we are this year. At first I had a hard time trying to find some small cute Easter items. But once I sat down and went through everything I already had, everything I had bought and some things I found in the playroom I ended up with more than I thought. I couldn’t even fit everything in the tub.

What’s inside:
Pink Rice
Purple Rice
Pink Beads
Butterfly Beads
Pink and Purple Table Scatter
Glitter Flower Buttons
Glitter Bunnies (Pink, Blue, and Green)
Glitter Styrofoam Easter Eggs
Easter Erasers (Butterflies, Flowers, Chicks, Carrots, Bunnies, Eggs)
Porcupine Balls
Carrot Easter Eggs
Squishy Chicks (Red, Green, Yellow)
Squishy Bunny
Squishy Chicks (both yellow ones)
Plastic Easter Eggs
Spring Bucket
Pink and Green Silicone Cups

Whew, that is a ton of items in there. Belle saw it after she got up from her nap on Saturday and could not wait to dig into it. I love how bright and spring like it is. We need some spring around here since it’s still cold and snowy around these parts.

We also have our Easter gel window clings on our Easel again this year.  Plus the ones that are just for decoration on her door.
I can’t wait to share all the fun Easter activities we are going to do this week!

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