Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day. We had some green fun over the weekend. On Saturday our town has its own parade separate from the city parades. It’s smaller and a lot less drunk people to take the 3 year old to. This was our third year going. Last year we lucked out with weather in the 70’s. It was beautiful and the parade was a lot of fun. This year it was in the 30’s and snowing. The parade lasted all of 15 minutes. It was just too cold for people to enter floats into the parade this year. We had fun none the less. I love seeing how Belle has changed from year to year and how she reacts to the parade. This was the first year she actually was into it and had fun. She waved to all the people in the parade and was very interested in the candy being thrown.
I took some pictures of Belle in her St. Patrick’s Day outfit but forgot to put my card in the camera and didn’t realize it until we were at the parade. And with the canon you can’t retrieve them. Ugh. At least I took some with my phone so I have some dark crappy ones. I have the old IPhone with no flash.

After everyone went to bed Saturday night we had a mischievous little Leprechaun show up. He left footprints all over the playroom and at Belle’s bedroom door. He turned over chairs in the playroom and put some on top of the table. He was nice enough to leave Belle a little note and some green M&M’s for all of his pranks. 

Belle was very excited to find the footprints on Sunday morning and searched the whole house for more. Our little Leprechaun friend wanted to play with just Belle’s stuff but did turn her milk green! 

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