Saturday, March 16, 2013

Leprechaun Gold

We finished up our fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts at the end of this week. With Belle not feeling well at the beginning of the week we ended up cramming most or our art into 2 days. Good thing this kid loves art time.
We made a Leprechaun hat which was easy and basically nothing to it. It took us probably 2 minutes to do. I cut out a Leprechaun hat shape from green construction paper, a black strip, and a yellow buckle. Belle glued on the black strip and yellow buckle. I am surprised she put them where they actually go on the hat. She usually likes to put them where ever she wants.

We also made a pot of gold. It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a pot of gold. I cut out a pot shape from black construction paper and yellow circles to be used as our gold. To start Belle glued on the pot to white construction paper. 

Once our pot was glued on we started on our rainbow. We used torn tissue paper to make a rainbow coming out of the pot. I have every color but red tissue paper apparently. So we used pink as a substitute. Belle glued on all the tissue paper to the top of her pot. We did one color at a time and just put a strip of glue for each color. Thinking about it now, we probably should have put glue over the whole thing and let her do all the colors at once. Either way she did really great with this part.
After our rainbow was done we glued our gold onto the pot. I think Belle had more fun gluing the gold on top of each other more than anything else. 

We have some St. Patrick’s Day fun planned for this weekend, even maybe a visit from a little Leprechaun.

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