Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paint Chip Shamrock

On Monday, Belle and I made our first St. Patrick’s day craft for this year. We made a shamrock with paint chips. This was simple and Belle could easily do it by herself but asked me to do it with her.
To start I cut out a shamrock shape from white construction paper. I picked up a bunch of paint chip samples from home depot and cut each up into small squares.

Belle painted some glue onto her shamrock with a sponge brush. Then she pressed each paint chip onto the glue until we were pretty much out of room to fit any more on. 

Very easy and a quick craft. 
Belle was a little under the weather yesterday so we didn’t do a thing but cuddle on the couch. We are working on St. Patrick’s Day stuff this week along with our first week of zoo fun. I am hoping today we will be able to get some stuff done today.

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