Tuesday, March 12, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Sensory Tub

I was excited to make Belle a St. Patrick’s Day bin this year since we skipped it last year. I admit I thought I had more things to put in it until I put it together and had very few items. It’s simple but Belle played with it for 40 minutes her first time.

What’s inside:
Split Peas
Yellow Beads
Plastic Shamrocks
Green, Clear, and Gold gems
Pot of Gold
Gold Coins
Gold Glitter Coins
Rainbow Erasers
Blue Silicone Cups

Belle started off making soup with the split peas, gems, and erasers. Then we got the idea to separate things out and count how many of each we had. The gold coins were the hardest for her to count since we had 24 of them. She gets mixed up when we get in the teens but counted all the twenties with no problems.


I also bought some gel window clings to put up on her easel. Belle loves playing with these and they are cheap and an easy activity for her.

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