Monday, March 5, 2012

Zoo Sensory Tub

On Friday night after Belle was in bed I put together a new Sensory Tub for her. Since the next two weeks will be about the zoo it only made sense to make a zoo tub for her. I have to admit that it was hard coming up some ideas for a zoo theme. There aren't many zoo sensory tubs out there on google.

I originally was going to use lentils and spilt peas with the dinorsaur tub. When thinking ahead to the zoo one I decided it made more sense to use the lentils and split peas with the zoo theme and rocks with the dinosaur one.

In this tub we have:

Split peas
Brown Beads
Trees from the dinosaur tub
Brown yarn pom-poms from the dinosaur tub
Monkey erasers from the the dollar bins at Target
Zoo animal balls from the dollar bins at Target
Little People zoo animals from our little people zoo
Little People xoo keeper and his car and a food bin

I do want to point our that I used three bags of lentils and 3 bags of split peas. The regular size, at least that is the only size I could find. For this size tub it was a perfect amount.

Belle found it right away on Saturday morning and keeps going back to it through out the day. I think it's safe to say this one is a big hit.

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