Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hungry Hungry Hippo!

Over the weekend Belle and I started in on our zoo fun. Belle loves hippos and elephants so I thought we would start the theme off with her favorites. Well, she has other plans sometimes. We did make our hippo, but our elephant was put aside for a lion.

Supplies: Paper plate, gray paint, hippo muzzle from pink construction paper
hippo ears and teeth from white construction paper

It was pretty difficult finding a good hippo project that Belle would be able to do. I ended up going off the cuff on this one.

We painted paper plate gray. Since we don’t have gray paint we had to make it. I squirted black paint on to a paper plate and white paint right next to the black. I asked Belle what colors they were and after I began to swirl them together. Once the gray started to show it’s self I asked what color was it now. She happily yelled gray. We talked about the colors we used and how they made gray. She even told daddy long after our project was done what colors we used to make gray paint.

Once we finished painting our plate we put it aside to dry. After dinner and Belle’s bath we came back and it was completely dry. So we finished it up. I had precut the hippo’s muzzle from pink construction paper and two ears from white construction paper that I colored with a gray crayon since I cannot find gray construction paper in the stores here. Looks like I will be ordering some from online.

Belle glued on the muzzle, eyes, teeth and had me do the ears. I also drew on little black dots on the muzzle and a nose with black crayon.

Not bad for just coming up with it the night before. Belle of course wanted him in our window (her favorite spot for all our crafts).

Tonight we have a family team kickoff party for the Mach for Babies. So there will be no crafts done tonight, but coincidence that it is being held at the local zoo with a ton of zoo activities for the kids. I hope to have a post up soon about the March for Babies and the fun we had at the zoo.

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