Friday, March 9, 2012

Walking for Healthier Babies!

On Tuesday we had a kick off party at our local zoo for this year’s March for Babies. My family has always volunteered for a local telethon in our area that supports our Women and Children’s hospital. The Hubs got involved when he met me and worked closely with my father and brother. When my father passed away my brother and husband moved into my father’s spot. Sadly this year will most likely be my husband’s last year. We both feel that the people that run this telethon every year has forgotten the reason behind the telethon.

Growing up my brother and I were always volunteering and helping with different charities with our parents from local organizations to large names like Toys for Tots. The Hubs and I talked about it a lot and we wanted for Belle to have the same. We decided to pick a charity that we connected with. After reading a few blogs of bloggers who had preemies we looked into the March of Dimes. We connected with it immediately. Not because we had a preemie or NICU baby but as parents.

I had a rough pregnancy. I spent 7 months on bed rest and spent the last 2 months of my pregnancy having weekly ultrasounds to measure Belle’s growth and watch the fluid levels. When I hit 37 weeks, my doctor made the decision to induce me as Belle had stopped growing and my fluid levels were at the lowest they had been. We were blessed the Belle was born completely healthy.

And I am happy to say that I have a happy, healthy, thriving two year old. But with the numerous health issues and scares we had we easily could not be where we are today. I think that is what touches me about the March of Dimes. We could have needed them at any point. I also believe that with their research to prevent premature births they could find something to help Hyperemesis. I fully believe that my Hyperemesis caused my baby to stop growing. I believe that it may have caused a lot of Belle’s growth  issues in the beginning as well. I could be wrong. But I believe that the research they are doing can help prevent a lot of it.

So, again this year my husband and I are growing our team. We are fundraising, and we are walking for stronger, healthier babies. Please consider donating to the March of Dimes. Each baby deserves a chance and a healthy and happy life. I have a badge at the top on the right hand side that you can donate at. Or you can donate right on our team page Belle’s Butterflies.

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