Monday, March 12, 2012


Last week Belle and I made lions. For days she asked if we could make a lion. When we finally sat down to make them she wanted nothing to do with it. So I started making one. She of course then wanted to make one.

We painted, or I painted the middle of a paper plate yellow and the rim orange. Belle painted the whole plate yellow and orange. The whole time Belle was painting her lion I asked her different things about lions, and other animals in general. She roared most of the time that we painted. When it was dry I cut little slits all the way along the rim to make the lions mane.

I cut pink noses from scrap pink construction paper. We each glued on our noses and of course some googly eyes. I used a black marker to draw a mouth and some whiskers on my lion. I then handed over the maker to Belle and let her draw her own mouth and whiskers on her lion. You can kind of see that she tried to draw the mouth where I drew mine, and the whiskers where I drew mine. I love the lions. They came out cute.

We decided to replace some of our snow colorings on the closet door with our bright lions. It gives that side of the playroom a little brightness now. Belle helped hang up hers. All of our art work is a little high from her eye level. She loves to hang stuff in our window which is not at all eye level to her. So it’s nice to have her lion where she hung it up. Only our closet door is a sliding door, and now I can’t open the door to get our supplies out. Opps.

I think our lions will stay up for our weather week in a couple of weeks. You know the whole March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? Eh, I thought it was a cute idea.

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