Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zoo Animals Every Where!

I am terribly far behind on all the activities we have been doing. I have about 4 different crafts that we did that I haven’t posted plus we are leaving the zoo this weekend and moving on to learn about weather. We have had some beautiful weather this past week. We have reached 70* which for Buffalo is unheard of for March. So we have been taking advantage of the nice weather and playing outside and soaking in the sun. We even skipped swimming this week, but more for the reason the Belle was exhausted and miserable.

Last week Belle and I made elephants from our handprints. She had no interest in doing it so I started which then made her want to join in. We painted our hands gray and each made a hand print on white paper. Once it was dry I drew on eyes, ears and a mouth on each of our elephants. How adorable are these?

On Monday we made snakes. I took a sheet of yellow construction paper and cut out a circle. I then cut a spiral into the circle leaving a nice head shape in the middle. Belle choose to use green paint for the snakes spots. I gave her a sponge brush to use and let her go to town.

Supplies: Construction paper circle, eyes, paint, sponge,
construction paper snake tounge, scissors

Once it was dry we glued on eyes and a tongue and hung it from our window.

On Wednesday night (told you I was far behind) we made a Monkey from different sized circles. Not sure what happened but our monkey looks more like a bear. Opps.

Belle didn't want to wait for mommy to be ready and started building her monkey

Belle's funny monkey

Belly Button!

Belle showing off her belly button!

Doing great on her gluing!

Belle showing her monkey, that looks like a bear.

Our playroom is looking more like a zoo every day. This weekend I am going to take down our dinosaur friends and probably our Dr. Seuss crafts to make room for some rain drops and sunshine. Our shamrocks will come down and be replaced with something for spring.

We are going to concentrate on some spring weather the next couple weeks and I will put together a new sensory tub as well.

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