Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

I wrote my father's day posts earlier this week. If you missed them the first one is to My Father and the second one was to the hubs. For the hubs first father's day Belle and I made him a gift. We did the DAD pictures. It took alot to get the 3 pictures I ended up using. The 3 I originally picked I ended up not liking. Which was fine since Walgreens cropped the pictures and cut out the bottom of the letters. I ended up using the crying pic for the last D cause honestly it was one of the better ones, and was cute. She was either not looking or had the D so you couldn't see it or tell what it was. Fun times! But it came out great and the hubs loved it.

Final Product.

Belle made Patrick a father's day gift at school too. Such a busy crafty little girl!

The poem on her gift to daddy!

Happy Father's day to all the amazing father's. Have a wonderful day!


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