Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Father

My dad doesn't read my blog, but I still wanted to write this post about him in honor of Father's Day.

I am a daddy's girl. I always was and probably will be until the day I die. Sure my mom is my best friend and I love her more then words can say. But my father is my daddy.

I remember every Friday night growing up I would climb up into my dads chair and we would settle in to watch....Homicide Life on the Street. Yes, at 10 years of age I watched Homicide every week. But this is something that my father and I still remember.

There was no question about it that when Patrick was going to propose that he had to ask my father's permission. My father proudly walked me down the aisle and we danced to Heartland's I Loved Her First.

I am proud and so happy that Belle has had an extra special chance to bond with her grandfather. For 5 months my father has watched Belle 3 days a week. I am so so happy that they have had this chance. It is something my father will never forget and has created a special bond between the two of them. Heck, she is the only one allowed to touch my father's hair! Trust me, this is a big deal.

For the past 3 1/2 years my father has been battling Cancer. It's been a long fight and we are still fighting. He has had multiple surgeries, radiation, and chemo. Yes, he has his bad days and yes he has his moods. But he isn't giving up. He hasn't given up. He fights every day.

He is an amazing man. For the past 15 years my father has been involved with the Variety Club telethon in our area. The telethon raises money for our local Children's Hospital. It is a great cause and something he is very passionate about. Besides the telethon he is involoved so much in our community with the car club that he is a member of. I am extremely proud of him and proud to be his daughter.

Happy Father's Day Dad!!!!


  1. What a beautiful heartfelt message of love to your dad! I too am a daddy's girl so I can relate to this post so much!

    Stopping by from SITS

  2. Such a sweet post!

    Your Dad is amazing!

    Happy Father's Day to him!

  3. i'm such a daddy's girl too. there is something about a father-daughter bond. i can't wait to see it play out with my girl and hubs.

    happy tornado tuesday! and new follower =)

  4. This is such a warm, sweet post. Brought tears to my eyes! I could feel how much you love your dad, and I will say a prayer for him and his battle with cancer. He is going to love this when he sees it (you gotta make sure he sees it!)

  5. Lovely post. You captured a perfect father daughter relationship. I agree with Natalie, you have to make sure he sees this. Thoughts & prayers for your family as he continues his fight against cancer.

  6. Your father sounds amazing! Stopping by from Tuesday Tornado Blog Hop.

  7. Angela you made me cry. How lucky your father is to have a daughter such as you!

  8. This is such a sweet post!! Prayers for your Dad and the awful Cancer. :( My Mom's been battling for about the same amount of time almost. Evil crap it is. So glad he's kicking its butt and is here for you and your little lady!!!

  9. SURPRISE!!! I did read your blog. I am a very blessed father. I have two wonderful children an outstanding son-inlaw,and two amazing grand children. You and I did pick the strangest TV show to bond with but those are days I'll never forget. I told you when you were little "you will always be my little girl" I love you. Love Dad


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