Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Father's Day Hubs!

To my amazing husband,

Happy Father's Day!! You are such an amazing father to our beautiful daughter. She adores you and loves you completely. I love seeing her light up when you walk in the room. When we pick her up after work each day she flashes me her beautiful happy smile and then immediately is looking for you behind me.

I know that both of you will forever treasure the Saturday and Sunday mornings that you spend together. I know that you love that time you have with her just you and her. Even when she has you up at 6:30 in the morning.

Your paitience amazes me every day. You are always there to rescue the both of us on those nights when Belle fights sleep. After Belle and I walking back and forth in her room for an hour you always come in take her and try your hand with her. Within minutes she is dream land.

That little girl can't look at you with out smiling. She can be in the middle of big crocadile tears, sees you and and flashes her smile and of course throws her giggles in the mix. She adores you. She loves you. She is truly her daddy's girl.

You are an amazing father and a wonderful husband. I could not be prouder that you are my husband and that you are Isabelle's daughter. We both love you very much.

Happy first Father's Day!!!!

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