Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cupcake Flowers

To finish up our spring time fun we made some flowers out of cupcake liners. We made these outside and it was a little bit windy so I don’t have any pictures of us making them. I had to help hold things down and make sure extra pieces didn’t blow away. These came out really cute and Belle really likes these flowers out of all the ones we made.
We used a sheet of white construction paper to glue our flowers onto. We started by decorating the insides of our cupcake liners. I had colored liners but if they were white we would have painted them with water colors first. To decorate the inside of our flowers we used some leftover pieces of plastic we had from a stepping stone craft we made a few years ago, foam flower stickers, and red gems.
When Belle was done with the flower tops we glued them onto our white paper. We probably should have glued them to the paper first and then decorated the centers. Then we added stems and leaves from green construction paper.
This didn’t take us long and came out really cute.

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