Friday, April 26, 2013

Flower Prints

After we worked on our flower mural over the weekend I realized I didn’t have many spring crafts for us to work on. Especially since I had originally scheduled our mural to be worked on Tuesday. I am glad we started it over the weekend because it took some time with the paint drying and gluing on all the stems and leaves. But I had nothing for us to do on Tuesday when Belle would be home with me. And to top it off she was home 3 days in a row this week because of dance pictures on Wednesday. Easier to keep her home (and clean) and get her ready and to the studio on time then taking her to school and rushing around all afternoon.


Anyways, so I quickly came up with this art work. I took some toilet paper tubes I had put aside and cut different patterns into the top of them. Umm, not so easy to cut scallops into a toilet paper tube just so you know.  

I had Belle pick what colors she wanted to use, pink, blue, and yellow were her choices. I also let her decide which patterned tube went into which color paint. We then made prints onto some finger paint paper. Belle liked this one. It was easy and she could do whatever she wanted. It came out cute and is replacing our zoo sponge painting picture on our wall. 

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