Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our New Spring Sensory Tub

I changed up this year’s spring sensory tub a bit this year. I really loved last year’s because it was so bright and spring like. But I wanted to do something a little different. I debated using a leafy house plant again, or pastel rice. When I decided not to use the green rice for our bug tub it made it pretty simple to just use the green rice in our spring tub. Plus we have some new items from our Easter tub that made a great addition to our spring tub.

What’s inside:
Green Rice
Pink Flowers
Pink Flower Petals
Pink and Purple Flower Table Scatter
Glitter Flower Buttons
2 Decorative Bird Nests
Decorative Bird Eggs (Brown and White)
Felt Birds
Pink Beads
Butterfly Beads
Butterflies from our Bug Tub
Butterfly Erasers
Flower Erasers
Bird House
Wooden Flowers (4)
Pink Pinwheel
Green Pinwheel
Spring Bucket
Pink Silicone Cup
Green Silicone Cup 

Our spring tub came out just as bright and spring like as last years did which made me happy. Spring just makes you think bright and cheerful.

I ended up having a ton of fun items to fill up our tub that I didn’t use all the same items as last years. Which is good, different things for Belle to explore.

Belle dug in right away, I actually had to stop her because I had forgotten to get pictures of it. I only got a few pictures before her hands were digging in. She played for the most part with the eggs, nests, and bucket. She would put all the eggs in the bucket and use the spoon to put them into the nests. She played that game for a very long time.
Here is last year’s spring sensory tub if you want to check that one out.

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