Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flower Garden

I have said multiple times we are trying to bring spring into the playroom in hopes of bringing the spring weather for good. And well who doesn’t love bright colors and spring like crafts to brighten a room up? It was time to replace our dinosaur scene we made back in February. I had an art activity I wanted to do and after thinking about it decided it would be perfect for a spring mural on our wall.
To start I took a large piece of easel paper and laid it out on the floor of the playroom. This is the largest scene I think we have ever made. Belle picked out 5 different colors to use as her flowers. I put some paint onto 5 different plates and gave her a dish scrubbie for each color. Belle then made prints with the dish scrubbies all the way down our easel paper.

When our prints were dry Belle and glued on stems and leaves from green construction paper to each print to make a flower. I then added some grass that I made from scraps of green construction paper.
It came out super cute but boy was it a paint to hang up. With the paint on the paper, it kind of wrinkled so it wouldn’t lay flat. It took forever to get it to hang up and look decent so you could actually see the picture. Plus it was so long I would get one side up and start working on flattening the picture and the other side would start to fall down. But it is up and looks great!

We have tons of flowers that we are making this week and next week. It’s going to look like a garden in here soon!

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