Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Sensory Tub

In hopes of the warm weather coming back soon we are going to focus on spring for the next couple of weeks. It was only fitting to make a spring sensory tub. This has got A LOT going on. I have been picking things up for a while not really realizing how much I have been getting. But Belle loves it and it's so bright and fun it makes you think of spring.

When I asked Belle if she liked it, she said yes, it's pretty. Love her!

Whats inside:

For the base I used a leafy house plant that we picked up at Home Depot. I bought three plants, and honestly could have used two more.
I also used fake leaves from the fake plant as part of the base. Petals from the fake plant and some of the whole flowers from the plant.
Pink beads
Butterfly beads
Decorative bird eggs
Decorative bird nests
Bird house found in the dollar bin at Target
Carrot Easter Eggs
Wooden flowers (4)
Felt birds
Clay flower pot
Butterfly eraser
Butterflies from our bug tub.
Flower cookie cutters
Pink silicone flower cups
Spoons for scooping

Belle got into it right away Saturday morning. Her favorite part was pulling out all the beads and sorting them into the flower pot or the cups. Belle explored everything in this tub from top to bottom.

The wrekage after a two year old digs in...

All of the other tubs I could "clean up" a bit and put them back into some type of order for the next time. This one not so much. It looks like chaos now everytime we go into it. Which is fine. The best part is to dig in and find everything that is hidden inside.

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