Friday, April 13, 2012

Busy Little Ant

I couldn’t find a really good ant craft, so instead we made ant tracks. Belle really liked this one and it was something different than we have done before.

I took some easel paper and folded it into a clothing box. You can use anything rectangular that will hold some paper and has sides. I poured some brown paint into a paper bowl, enough to submerge our marble. I wish I could have found something to grab the marble out of the paint but I couldn’t find anything little enough to grab a marble with.

I put the marble in the paint and made sure it was covered in paint. I then placed it into the box and showed Belle how to move the box to get the marble to move around. She loved doing this. We covered the marble in paint quite a few times until Belle was happy with the tracks that it left.

We put our ant tracks to the side to dry. Once they were dry I took the paper out of the box and cut off the folded edges. Belle picked out where she wanted her ant. I placed some glue in a line and she glued on 3 black pom poms to make her ant. When it was dry I added 6 legs with a black marker.

How cute is our little ant? He had a pretty good journey all over our paper!


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