Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beautiful Beetles

Belle is obsessed with her lady bug erasers in the sensory tub. She will go in it just to pull out the erasers or sort them into the blue cups. I figured she would love making a ladybug then. We actually made 2 since we had to wait for the first one to dry.

The first one we made from a paper bowl. I had Belle paint the backside of the bowl red. Belle had a blast with this one. I told her to cover all of the white with red paint. She put herself on a mission to cover the whole bowl. When I went to the bathroom to clean up the paintbrush and paint (I took the leftover paint with me) she decided it was a great time to paint the table with the paint she had got on the table when painting the bowl. That was fun to try and clean up, but it did come off with some of our green all-purpose cleaner and a magic eraser.

We let it dry over night and the next day we put together our ladybug. I cut out a head, four legs, and a bunch of spots from black construction paper. We glued the head and legs on first and then Belle went to down placing her black spots. I may have done two, can you guess which two I did and the ones she did? Once the head, legs, and spots were on Belle added a couple of eyes.

I wasn’t sure where to put this one as we are running out of room (I should take down some of the zoo animals I guess) and well, it’s a bowl. Not many places to put it to begin with so it is hanging on our artwork wall.

After we finished painting the bowl for our ladybug (and I scrubbed the table) I cut out a heart shape from red construction paper, a head and some spots from black construction paper. I gave Belle some glue and let her go to town on gluing her spots and the head on. Of course we added some googly eyes and she is also hanging on our artwork wall.

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