Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pretty Butterfly

Since we were having so much fun making caterpillars I thought it would be a good chance for our caterpillars to turn into butterflies. Or in other words make a butterfly. I had a few ideas of how we were going to make butterflies but we ended up just making this one.

We started by painting an empty toilet paper roll. Belle picked out blue for her butterflies body. Belle did really well with figuring out how to hold it and paint it. I don’t think she realized that she could turn it and keep painting, so I turned it and held it for her after a while. I also flipped it for her so she could get the bottom.

Once the  roll was dry we started working on our butterflies wings. Belle picked out green for the wings. I pulled out her stampers and let her decorate the wings with those. While she was decorating the wings I made the antennas but wrapping pipe cleaners around my permanent marker and gluing a pom pom onto each. Belle picked out purple for those.

When she was done with the wings we glued them to the back of the toilet paper roll and added some googley eyes. I am beginning to realize we use googly eyes A LOT. Oh well, they are easier than me having to cut out eyes all the time. When the antennas we dry I taped them to the inside of the roll.

I put it in the window surprised that it actually stayed. Snapped some pictures and was even more surprised when it was still sitting in the window the next day. Sadly sometime after that it fell. I tried putting it back up but no matter how much I tried it wouldn’t stay. So our pretty butterfly now sits on top of our cubical.

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