Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What We Put in Belle's Easter Basket

There has been a lot of talk on Facebook and Twitter about what non candy items you put in your kids Easter baskets. We never put much candy in Belle’s basket besides maybe one piece of chocolate and some jelly beans. Not because we don’t want her to have candy but because we get so much candy from family that we end up throwing a lot of it away.

As a side note can I talk about how many Easter baskets we have as well? This will be Belle’s 4th Easter. The Hubs and I have only bought her one Easter basket since she was born. We have 7 Easter baskets, plus 3 different Easter buckets. Insane. They are literally falling out of the closet! At least when we upgraded to a bigger basket last year we didn’t have to buy a new one!
I wanted to post pictures of all of Belle’s baskets but I no longer have pictures from Belle’s first Easter on the computer and am too lazy to get them off my external hard drive. Belle was 6 months for her first Easter. We used the cute little bunny basket that are in the pictures from 2011. I am not completely positive as to what was all in the basket but I do know we got her Violet which she still loves and plays with to this day. I think we got some baby toys and board books as well.

Belle’s basket from 2011:

We used the cute little bunny basket again. She was 1 ½ for Easter this year so a little easier to pick items for her basket. We bought her the Snow White DVD that was just recently released at the time. Some coloring books, crayons, sidewalk chalk shaped like eggs, Gerber dried apple pieces, sunglasses, Easter Little People, and an egg light up spiny toy. 

We did not hide her basket as she would not get it at all. She was only one! This was also the year that basically started the tradition of new sunglasses and chalk in her basket each year.
Belle’s basket from 2012: 

This year was even easier to fill her basket. It seems the older they get the easier to find items for her basket. I ordered an Easter bunny Minnie Mouse from the Disney Store for Belle. Once it came in I knew we would not be able to use her cute little bunny basket anymore. The opening was way to fit anything large into. Luckily we had 7 Easter baskets in the closet from the last 2 Easters so I pulled one of the large ones from there.
We filled her basket with the stuffed Minnie Mouse, sunglasses, sidewalk chalk shaped like eggs, a Goofy Vinylmation from the Disney store, baby bottles for her dolls, Play dough stampers, a box of eggs filled with play dough, Easter stickers, chocolate goldfish, and plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and colored goldfish.

We did hide Belle’s basket, but made it very easy. We hid it in her playroom in a corner. Still right out in the open. We kind of guided her to where it was since it was the first year we hid it. Once she found it she stood in front of it and stared at it for a minute. I don’t think she really knew what to make of the whole thing. We will see how she does this year.
So far this year I have more sidewalk chalk shaped like eggs, new sunglasses, a Mickey in a yellow Easter Bunny suit, a bracelet, play dough cutter kit, and a bunny light up ring. I think this year I will fill her plastic eggs with some Teddy Grahams. And I will be out today getting some last minute items for her basket. I will most likely pick up some new books and maybe some arts and crafts stuff.
What do you put in your kids Easter baskets? 

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