Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Eggs Galore!

I picked some different Easter crafts to do with Belle this year. We only have one bunny that we are going to do and honestly it’s not really an Easter bunny. We are doing A LOT of eggs this year. But they are so cute I couldn’t help but to keep adding them to our list of art activities.
The first craft that we did together was a hatching chick. I can’t believe after the disaster our hatching dino came out that I decided to do this one again. I did learn from my mistakes. Don’t make the cut in the middle of the egg, make it closer to the top. Also don’t make the zig zag as sharp, keep the points a little softer and rounder.

I had the egg already cut and the chick ready to go as well. The chick was just half an oval cut out of yellow construction paper. To start I gave Belle some foam Easter stickers I had bought last year that we never used. She decorated the egg with the stickers, and if she could she would have put a ton more stickers on. 

When Belle was happy with her egg we glued eyes and a beak onto our chick. Then we glued our chick to the bottom half of our egg. I finished our hatching egg by connecting the top half and bottom half with a brad. The only issue with our hatching eggs, they are impossible to hang anywhere. But this one did come out better and a lot cuter then our dinosaur. 

While wasting time on Pinterest one day I found a cute craft of painting paper Easter eggs with Q-tips. I thought this would be fun to do and different then painting with our fat paint brushes or water colors. I free hand cut a couple Easter egg shapes from white construction paper, so don’t mind if they are misshaped or funny looking. I poured pink, blue, purple, and yellow paint into a muffin tin Belle has for her kitchen. I put a little of each color into 2 spots. I added white to one of each color and let Belle mix them to make a pastel version of each color. 

When our paint was ready Belle went to town painting her eggs with Q-tips. I think they came out really well. On her second egg she handed me one of the Q-tips and asked me to paint with her. I made the different zig zag designs which were really easy with the Q-tips. This would be a great craft for older kids as well. 

After our eggs were dry I hung them on our playroom door with some of our window clings from last year.

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