Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Lacing Cards

The only bunny craft that we are doing this year for Easter is a little different than the typical Easter bunny craft and not really a craft as more an activity. I cut an egg shape from white and yellow construction paper. One being our bunny the other our chick. I punched holes in each and then cut out ears for our bunny and a beak and feet for our chick.


I wanted to use white yarn but apparently I am all out of white. So I used some mint green that I had. I knotted one end of the yarn piece and placed tape on the other to make it easy for Belle to lace through the holes. I could not get the knot big enough to keep the yarn from completely going through the hole so I taped the end to the back. Belle laced her bunny card all the way around. Once all the way around I taped the other end down to the back of the card. Belle glued on the ears and eyes and then we added a nose, mouth, and whiskers with markers.

Our chick was done the same way, only we didn’t glue on ears but eyes, a beak and our chick’s little feet. I think they came out super cute! And it was a good fine motor activity for Belle to do then the arts and crafts we do.

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