Thursday, March 28, 2013

Decorating Easter Eggs!

For the first time this year Belle and I colored eggs. I thought 3 would be a good age to introduce this tradition. She did really well with this. We didn’t make a mess and was very patient waiting for the eggs to dye. Weeks ago I picked up dye at Target, they had a bunch of different Disney kits and Belle wanted Tinkerbell. I was shocked she didn’t pick Minnie. I also picked up the add on decorations for the kit.
Last week while at the Dollar Store looking for items for our Easter tub I spotted a kit that came with cups. I picked that up mainly for the cups. We didn’t use the dye tablets and they were put away for future use. I also had some left over stickers and bands from dying Easter eggs the first year The Hubs and I were together. We had plenty to make these eggs pretty.
I cooked the eggs Tuesday morning while Belle played, or well I tried to do it while she played. She wanted so badly to help cook the eggs but with boiling hot water I had nothing for to help with. She eventually understood and kept coming in the kitchen to ask how the eggs were doing. While Belle napped I set up our kitchen table to dye the eggs when she woke up.

I let Belle put each tablet in the cups of water and she picked which color each egg went into. Growing up we used the wax crayon to write everyone’s name on one egg. Of course I had to continue the tradition and write each of our names on an egg. Belle put our eggs in our favorite colors, hers purple, daddy’s blue, and mine in pink. She used the crayon herself to make an egg for JD (our cat) and one for grandma.

After our eggs were dyed and dry we got to decorate them. Our Tinkerbell kit came with bands, and stickers and glitter. The stickers were clear stickers that held the glitter onto the egg. The add on kit came with Tinkerbell stickers and 4 wings. And the left over spring stickers from the PASS kit we had a few years ago.
Belle decorated all the eggs to her liking, except mine. I was allowed to decorate my own. She picked what went on each egg and where. They came out pretty cute and the glitter was a nice touch. I’ll let you know how great of an idea the glitter is when we go to eat one.

And we have left over stickers, glitter, and bands to add to next year’s kit.
I forgot to post some pictures of how we decorated the playroom this year. I hung some of Easter eggs we had from the ceiling to give our playroom that Easter feeling. Belle is super excited for Easter this year and every day asks if it’s Easter yet and how many day’s until Easter. She is as excited as if it were Christmas. Although she did tell my mom the Easter bunny puts the Easter basket under the Christmas tree. So there’s that confusion. Oh and apparently the Easter bunny is made out of snow, but not real snow. He’s made out of snow because he is white. Oh the things that 3 year olds come up with.

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