Monday, February 11, 2013


Life happens and well when it does sometimes you have to figure out what is more important. I decided that I needed to take time with my family and stepped away from the blog. There were many times that I wanted to come back but just didn’t have the time, or mental energy to write everything down. But things have settled for now and it’s time to put everything down and keep going on with the blog.
Well when I came back to my blog I realized that I had forgotten about my domain name expiring. In which it did and is now out of my hands. I’m not completely heartbroken as my main concern was not losing my blog completely. The Hubs sat down and goggled and searched and we were able to convert it back to the BlogSpot address. I have two options, come up with a new name or wait until my old domain completely expires and rebuy it.
I am going with option one and will be renaming my little place on the internet, for one major reason. This blog while it was about Belle, I and The Hubs, it will now have someone else to be about as well. We are expecting baby #2 this June. So I find it only fitting to rename the blog with something more fitting for the whole family. I am having a hard time coming up with something that isn’t already taken in some way. Most that I have come up with aren’t blogs but websites dedicated to something else. I am the most uncreative person when it comes to naming things. Anyways, there will be some changes going on around here. And I can guarantee that it will be a slow change over.
Like I said we are expecting baby #2 in late June, perhaps early July. It was a bit of a surprise since it happened in the middle of a ton of other things going on but we are excited. Belle will soon be a big sister and have a baby sister to play with. We just found out last week that it is another girl. And the naming battle has begun. We agree on nothing and I am guessing baby sister won’t have a name until she is here.
I will like to try and post more around here and get back into the swing of things. I have been down for the count with bad morning sickness and headaches/migraines. Belle and I haven’t done much crafts because of this and I am sure she will love to start making some fun things again.

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