Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Crafts

We made a couple of Valentine’s Day crafts over the weekend. Saturday night was just Belle and I and she begged me from the time she got up from nap until we were done with dinner to make a craft. I guess she really missed our craft time.

Our first craft was this cute little heart owl. To make him we used a small paper plate as his body. I cut out 2 hearts, one from purple paper and the other from pink making the pink a little bit smaller than the purple heart. I then cut out a set of wings from purple paper. Belle’s current favorite color is purple. So everything is purple right now.

We started with gluing the pink heart onto the purple heart. Then we glued on the wings to each side of the paper plate. Once the wings were stuck down well we glued our hearts to the top of the plate for our owls head.

Belle then added some googly eyes and foam heart stickers for our owl’s feet. She then drew on a smile and nose with a purple crayon.

She loved him and couldn’t wait to hang him up on her art wall.

Belle begged me to paint as well. So I drew a heart onto white construction paper and gave her some paint. Purple of course. Once the heart was dry we cut it out and I wrote a conversation heart phrase onto it. I gave Belle a couple different phrases and she picked Cutie Pie.

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