Monday, February 25, 2013

Discovering Dinosaurs

Last week and this week we are focusing on Dinosaurs. Belle loves dinosaurs. She loves stomping around the house pretending to be a dinosaur. We started our Dinosaur theme by visiting some Dinosaurs. We had a traveling exhibit in town called Discover the Dinosaurs.


Belle did really well, I thought for sure she would be freaked out by them. Most of the dinosaurs move and make noises. She wouldn’t get close to take a picture with them but she did walk around and stop to watch each one.

When we were done checking out the dinosaurs Belle got to play and climb on some smaller dinos. Plus she got to dig for dinosaur bones.

She loved it and had a blast playing with the dinosaurs. We went in the morning and it wasn’t too busy but by lunch time it was packed and some of the lines were crazy.
I also put together Belle’s sensory tub for dinosaurs. It’s the same as last years. The only thing I added was some fake brown and white bird eggs as dinosaur eggs.

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