Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dinosaur Sensory Tub

On Valentine’s day after Belle went to bed I pulled out the sensory bin to the living room and sat down to put together a new one. It took forever to clean up the Valentine’s tub as I am anal and everything had to be separated and put back into their boxes for easy storage. I think it took me an hour to clean it up and put together the new tub.

Since we will be having dinosaur fun for two weeks it was a no brainer to make a dinosaur sensory tub! I wasn’t looking forward to the dinosaur tub at all. I only had a couple items to go in the tub and couldn’t come up with any good ideas. But I have to say, I love how it came out.

I picked up three bags of river rocks from Hobby Lobby. I am starting to regret getting such a big tote as it takes quite a bit to fill it! It took us forever to find plastic dinosaurs. We looked every where and almost bought them from amazon. I decided last minute to look at Toys R Us and were basically about to give up when I found a barrel of dinosaurs. It came with 7 dinosaurs, 2 trees, and 4 rocks. Which was more than enough for our tub.

Also last minute while I was at Hobby Lobby I picked up some green Easter grass, the paper not the plastic. I used that to make a nest or bed. I threw in some plastic Easter eggs as well.

I didn’t realize that the barrel of dinosaurs came with plastic rocks, so I had made some brown pom poms to use as boulders. And, well now it gives a different type of texture to all the hard plastic and rocks for Belle to play with. I honestly love how it came out.

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