Monday, February 20, 2012

Dino Prints

We have been having lots of dinosaur fun around here. Belle loves her new dinosaur sensory tub. I finally finished her dinosaur tail and we have a couple of crafts under our belts. Since I am behind on the fun that we have been having I will throw a couple of our crafts together in this post.

Yay for dinosaurs!

Our T Rex

We started by learning about fossils. I took the simple route with the two year old and told her they they are very old rocks that have imprints of leaves and footprints and yada yada yada. I don't think she was really listening and was more ready to get on with it all.

I took some model magic, Belle chose white, and we flattened it out into an odd shaped circle. Once we were happy with it Belle took her dinosaur and walked it through the model magic. Once she was happy with her foot prints we put it to side to let it dry. We let is dry for a couple days before I put it in the widow to display.
Making our fossil

Our finished fossil.

After we finished our fossil I grabbed a couple more of our dinosaurs from the sensory tub and decided to try and make dinosaur prints with white paint. We used black construction paper and white paint. Belle dipped the dinosaurs feet in the paint and then walked them onto the construction paper.

Making dino prints.

Belle loved it. I was disappointed that we didn't get foot prints but more of globs of white paint. Oh well, Belle had fun doing it and our new painting replaced one of our snow paintings that needed to come down.

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