Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dinosaur Tail

You may have seen me complaining on Twitter about this dinosaur tail that I had the bright idea of making for Belle. I found it through Pinterest originally but the tutorial is from Running With Scissors. It is adorable and once I saw it I feel in love it. I had to make it for Belle.

One problem I don't own nor do I know how to use a sewing machine. I can hand sew and have made things for Belle before so The Hubs talked me into trying it. Since it calls for such a little amount of fabric it didn't cost much at all.

Belle's favorite color as of late has been purple. I figured I would get some purple fabric for the tail and pink for the strips. Belle was with me when I made my one of millions of trips to Hobby Lobby (I am in love with this store), and she picked out pink for the tail and green for the spikes. It's her tail so whatever she wants is fine with me.

I think it took me a total of 3 weeks to get this done. I did take much longer to hand sew then I would imagine a sewing machine would take. I worked on it in bits at night after the kiddo was in bed. I honestly didn't work on it every night either mainly because we had other things to get done, you know like laundry and cleaning.

Finished tail

I finally finished it on Saturday night. The Hubs went to bed but I was so close to being done that I stayed up past midnight sewing and stuffing the tail. I love it! It came out better than I imagined and really is super easy to do. If I can do it as a newbie sewer and hand sewed it, anyone can make this.
Now I just wish Belle actually loved it and wore it more than just the couple minutes to take pictures in it.

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