Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stegosaurus Spikes

Belle and I decided to make dinosaur foot prints to hang on the wall in her playroom. It took us a couple days to paint them all because she got tired of it after painting two of them.

I found a free dinosaur template on google and Belle painted them. Once dry I cut them out and taped them to the wall.

The two hanging from the window I taped yarn to the back of them.

On Monday Belle and I made a stegosaurus using clothespins. Before we started I glued our stegosaurus friend onto construction paper to make it sturdier.

Belle and I counted out five clothespins and we stuck them onto tag board to paint. Belle painted both sides and we set it on the side to dry.

While those were drying we painted our stegosaurus. I pulled out a stegosaurus from our sensory tub and we talked about him. I put him next to the pattern of the stegosaurus and asked if she noticed what was different about him. She immediately noticed that he was missing his spikes. I told her that the clothespins we painted are his spikes and we had to make them for him.

Belle liked this craft and had fun putting her dinosaur together.

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