Friday, February 24, 2012

Shape O Saurus

Belle really knows her shapes. She is an old pro with them so I decided to have some fun with our shapes by making a dinosaur from some of our favorites. I had precut a circle, oval, 4 rectangles, 4 squares, a green triangle, and 4 yellow triangles. I completely forgot to take pictures of Belle making this dino, but it is really simple.

Belle picked out pink construction paper to make our dinosaur on. We started with our dino’s body. I asked Belle where her body was which she happily pointed out. I told her that this shape was going to be our dino’s body and asked her if she knew which shape it was. Of course she did it’s her favorite an oval. Then we moved on to the dino’s head. She showed me where hers was and promptly told me the shape of his head was a circle.

We then moved on to his legs and feet. I asked Belle where her legs were and how many she had. She showed me her legs, and then told me she had three. Hmm…I corrected her and we counted her legs, yup only 2 there. We counted our dino’s legs and she decided that they were rectangles and showed me where the dino’s legs go. We did the same for the dino’s feet, he has 4 square feet.

Belle did great with the gluing and knowing where all the body parts go. I had to help her with his legs as she wanted to put them on his back. I would normally be fine with it, but we still had spikes to go up there. We talked about where her legs were and we decided they were below her belly. She showed me the dino’s belly and decided his legs went below it.

We then moved on to the dino’s tail. I decided to cut a triangle for his tail to keep it all shapes. After Belle glued on his tail we counted out his triangle spikes as she glued them on.

We then added an eye and I drew on a mouth. Of course once she saw me draw on the mouth with a crayon she wanted to color. I had a dinosaur drawn on some white paper so I grabbed that with her crayons. I also pulled out her Rapunzel stamps and some foam dinosaur stickers I had picked up.

She went to town stamping and coloring her dinosaur. I have to say I am really proud of her getting the white paper off the back of the stickers all by herself. They were tough for me to scrap off so for her to get her little fingers to do it by herself is awesome. Her gross motor skills may not be awesome but she has really great fine motor skills.

I want to try and get one more dinosaur craft in before we move on to Dr. Seuss next week. And on Sunday we will be visiting our local Science Museum to check out the dinosaurs there.

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