Monday, February 27, 2012

A Trip to See the Dinos!

To finish off Dinosaur weeks we painted a Dinosaur egg. This time we used water colors. I traced an egg shape onto white construction paper and let Belle go to town with it. Since we weren’t home much yesterday I didn’t get a picture of it hanging up. But once it was dry we hung it up in Belle’s favorite spot, the window.

Yesterday we took Belle to our local Science Museum to see the dinosaurs. While we did get to see some of them, a lot of them are no longer on display. The area that use to have them is being remodeled for a new exhibit. We did get to see some and Belle was a little afraid of them at first. I don’t think she realized how big they are. We did get to see the head of one that really put their size is in perspective.

Our Science Museum has a great hands on kids area perfect for Belle’s age. They have two other hands on area’s for older kids as well. Belle loved being able to play while we were there. She got to play with some homemade play dough which felt like a completely different recipe than the one I have. She played in a giant water table and in a sensory table with a huge block of ice. She raced cars, play with blocks, made music with bells. And in the end got to play with a giant light table.

We really enjoyed the kid’s area and letting Belle explore and learn on her own. There was so much more to do that Belle didn’t even look at. In May we are getting a featured exhibit called Grossology. We will take Belle to that and then probably spend the rest of the day in the kids area letting her do her own thing.


Playing with trucks!

She LOVES these tables!

After being such a good girl at the Museum, seriously I have never seen her be so good, we took her to Friendly’s for dinner. We don’t go to Friendly’s often like may be twice since she was born, yet somehow she knew it meant ice cream. Belle was again so good and ate so well. We have been having a lot of issues getting her to eat good for us. She eats everything at The Bug but never eats dinner at home. We have basically come to the point that she doesn’t need three meals a day. Some days she eats one and snacks on fruit and cheerios for the rest of day, some days we can get her to eat two meals and small stuff for dinner. Every day it is different how much she wants to eat. But yesterday I was so happy to see her eat a lot while we were at dinner. And then when we got home she asked for snacks. Apparently she is in one of her hungry moods yesterday.

This week we are reading lots of Dr. Seuss. I picked up One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish last week for her. When she saw the book the next day she told us she wanted to read Dr. Seuss. Totally surprised me that she knew it was Dr. Seuss. She was sitting with me while I was looking for one more activity on the computer over the weekend. Every time she saw a Dr. Seuss character she would yell Dr. Seuss.

I do not have a new sensory tub for this week so I am keeping the dinosaurs in until the end of the week when I will switch it over for our next theme.

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